What Does Pain in the Left Testicle Mean?

  Testicles are a male genital organ, and too much sensitive toward any type of pain stimuli. Testicles pain or discomfort can arise with various causes associated with or without swelling.

Symptoms of Pain in the Left Testicle

  Other than the pain and discomfort felt in the testicles, associated symptoms which developed due to underlying causes are as follows:



   The nature of pain is dull

   The throbbing sensation is present



   Pain in the lower abdomen

   Associated discomfort become high in the day time

   Touching, Clothing, even bed cloths worsens the condition in severe cases

   The position of the affected testicle is raised inside the scrotum.

Causes of Pain in the Left Testicle

  Pain in the scrotum will be the result of serious conditions like testicular torsion or a sexually transmitted infection. Ignoring the pain might cause irreversible harm to the testicles and scrotum.

  The causes include:

  Testicular torsion: This is the condition when the attachment of the testicle within the scrotum gets twisted and mostly affects a left-sided testicle. The abnormality of the attachment causes pain and it is more occurs in the neonatal and the adolescent age.

  Blood vessels, nerves, lymphatic vessel injury: Any injury or disease conditions such as Henoch-Schonlein purpura, diabetic nephropathy which hamper the blood supply, block the lymphatic drainage or nerve damage causes pain and discomfort within the testicles.

  Fluid accumulation: Fluid accumulation in the scrotum occurs in hydrocele and spermatocele causes fluid retention inside the testicles. Both the disease conditions cause discomfort and pain in the testicles.

  The inflammatory condition developed in testicles: Testicles inflammatory conditions arise with several diseases like orchitis and epididymitis. These diseases can cause testicles pain and discomfort.

  Infection: Some bacterial and viral infections in the tissues of the testicle cause testicle pain. The mumps virus is one of the infecting viruses which can affect testicle. Urinary tract infection also causes testicular discomfort.

  Vasectomy: Vasectomy is a male surgical process to control birth and completely safe. But some men complaining of pain in testicles after vasectomy, yet the exact medical explanation does not obtain about the generation of the pain after vasectomy.

Treatment for Pain in the Left Testicle

  Pain in the left testicle of any kind on one or both sides can be distressing. Most cases don’t require urgent medical attention. Problems with the testicles cause abdominal or groin pain before the pain in the testicle develops, but persistent pain should be evaluated by our doctor if possible. Trauma or injury to the left testicles can cause pain, but the pain in the testicle is usually the result of medical problems that require treatment. Our doctor will conduct some physical exam of your groin, abdomen, and scrotum to determine what’s causing your pain and will also ask you about your current health conditions and any other symptoms. If a patient has any concerns about testicle pain, bleeding during or after sex, or unusual discharge, it is a good idea to visit our clinic. We have a lot of experts in Heng Kang, You don’t have to worry that they might not treat you. Our doctor specialist knows how to serve what you deserve when it comes to treatment. We always want our numerous patients to make them better and to trust us.

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Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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