What Does Balanoposthitis Mean

  Balanoposthitis refers to inflammation of the glans penis. It can be regarded as a special sort of dermatosis that occurs within a skin fold. By definition, balanoposthitis cannot occur in a circumcised male, though inflammation of the glans penis might. There are several possible causes of balanoposthitis, and these can be broadly divided into inflammatory, infective, and precancerous.

Symptoms of Balanoposthitis

  Signs of balanoposthitis appear near the penis and foreskin can also range from mild to severe. They can make urinating or having sexual intercourse uncomfortable.

  Common symptoms include:

   Pain, tenderness, and irritation

   Discolored or shiny skin

   Dry skin

   Itching or burning

   Thick, tough skin (lichenification)

   Unusual discharge

   Tight foreskin (phimosis)

   Foul smell

   Skin erosion or lesions

   Swelling and redness around the glans and foreskin

   Rarely blisters and ulcers

Causes of Balanoposthitis

  In men who have balanoposthitis, more than one cause is often identified. Infections are among the common causes of balanoposthitis.

  The causes include:

  Poor hygiene of the area: The most common cause of balanoposthitis is improper hygiene, which in combination with a narrow foreskin, does not allow the revelation of the glans and removal of cheesy sebaceous matter collecting between the glans penis and foreskin (smegma).

  Infections: There are various bacterial or fungal infections of the penile skin that may cause balanoposthitis. There is some predisposition factor for the development of balanoposthitis, such as pre-existing aseptic inflammation of the region due to some allergy or irritation, diabetes Mellitus and Phimosis, which prevents the removal of sebor and good hygiene of the area.

  Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): There are several sexually transmitted infections causing balanoposthitis, such as genital herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

  Allergies: The skin of the glans is particularly sensitive and getting in contact with some substances may cause some allergic reaction or irritation. For example, if urine and smegma stay under the foreskin for a long time, this may cause inflammation.

  Skin diseases: Some skin diseases may cause balanoposthitis (e.g. psoriasis)

Risk Factors of Balanoposthitis

  The risk factors include:


   Chronic balanoposthitis


   Sexually transmitted diseases

   Leukoplakia of glans

   Long-standing genital warts

   Paget’s disease of the penis

Treatment for Balanoposthitis

  Balanoposthitis is an inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin that creates complaints of irritation, burning, or itching. Pain is less frequent than in paraphimosis, and discharge is typically present. Balanoposthitis happens when irritation affects the penis glans and foreskin. It has many causes, and often, more than one cause is involved. If the cause is non-infectious, our doctor needs to determine the cause to provide the most appropriate treatment. Treating an underlying condition may resolve the issue. We recommend you to go to Heng Kang Clinic for better treatment. Heng Kang clinic is also home to experts in other health problems who can diagnose and treat these conditions if they develop. Our doctors are highly qualified and experienced medical doctors with advanced facilities and medical equipment. our goal is to give patients stable health, our clinic will be a reliable address for you to trust and choose. In the event, when a patient has recurrent balanoposthitis, our doctor may recommend circumcision to prevent future episodes of inflammation.

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