What are the causes of Genital Herpes?

  Genital herpes is a dangerous sexually transmitted disease, if not detected and treated early, it will cause extremely dangerous complications affecting health and life quality. The disease has a strong and rapid transmission which could affect an individual vastly; Therefore, it is necessary to understand the causes of genital herpes to prevent it properly.

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

  Most people infected with HSV don't even know that they have it already because they don't have any signs or symptoms or because their signs and symptoms are so mild.

  The symptoms include:

  In men, genital herpes sores (lesions) commonly appear on or around the penis.

  In women, the lesions might be visible outside the vagina, but they usually happen inside the vagina where they can cause discomfort or vaginal discharge and may not be seen except during our doctor's examination.

   Ulcers or blisters m also be found anywhere around the genitals (the perineum) and in and around the anus.

   Lymph glands may become swollen. Lymph glands fight infection and inflammation in the body.

   Blisters and ulceration on the external genitalia, in the vagina, or on the cervix

Causes of Genital Herpes

  Heng Kang Clinic expert said that genital herpes caused by Herpes Simplex virus, this virus causes herpes on the skin, causing skin pain and discomfort. Because genital herpes is primarily expressed in the skin, the risk of spreading the disease is more common. Like other sexually transmitted diseases, genital herpes also has a very rapid transmission rate.

  Here are some of the main causes of genital herpes:

  Due to unsafe sex:

  This is the main route of transmission of genital herpes. When having unsafe sex, especially with an infected partner, will affect you quickly.

  Whether sexual intercourse, oral or anal sex is at risk of infection. Because the lining of the genitalia is thin, many blood vessels are congested, when having sex it's easily scratched, this is the most favorable condition for the virus to invade and cause disease.

  Due to indirect contact with patients:

  Using personal belongings with people with genital herpes such as panties, face wipes, toothbrushes, toilets will be high risk.

  Herpes Simplex virus exists in the external environment for a long time but the wet environment is likely to survive for a long time, so if you use the same products that have pus fluids from the patients, then you will be infected.

  Due to contact to open wounds:

  Scratches on the skin when contact with pus or blood from a person with genital herpes will also be at risk. Intimate gestures, kissing or holding hands that come in contact with the virus that causes genital herpes are at high risk getting infected.

  Genital herpes transmitted from mother to child:

  When pregnant women are infected with the HSV virus, the child will be more likely to have genital herpes infection. Usually, the likelihood of infection will begin when the fetus is 4 months old.

Risk Factors of Genital Herpes

  Anyone can be infected with Herpes simplex virus (HSV), regardless of age. Your risk is based entirely on exposure to the infection. People are more at risk when they have sex without protected by condoms or other barrier methods.

  Other risk factors for genital herpes include:

   Having multiple sex partners

   Having sex at a younger age

   Having another sexually transmitted infection (STI)

   Having a weakened immune system

Heng Kang Clinic Clinic doctor advice

  When you are suffering from genital herpes, the patient should do the following:

   Do not touch, touch the acne spots, do not break it.

   Patients should not interact with other people to avoid spreading the disease.

   Patients should not put their hands on their eyes to avoid infection in this organ, causing danger.

  When you experience any signs of genital herpes, patients must visit specialized medical clinics for testing, examination and timely treatment. If you are struggling to find a reputable medical center for treatment, we recommend you going to Heng Kang Clinic because our clinic has long been appreciated by customers for the quality of treatment as well as the effectiveness. Our doctor uses effective treatment with the most modern and scientific methods. The early treatment for genital herpes will help you avoid complications and diseases that are likely to return.

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Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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