Symptoms of Glans Inflammation

  Several symptoms are showing that you already have balanitis or the inflammation of your glans, your glans are located in the center of your foreskin and it looks like a rounded head at the tip of your penis.

Symptoms of Glans Inflammation

  You must not ignore when you see any of the symptoms showing that your glans is inflamed because it needs an immediate check-up from a doctor or specialist. If you left it untreated, a lot of worse medical conditions awaits.

  Here are some of the symptoms that you are or you are not aware of:

   An unpleasant smell

   Redness around the glans

   Swollen glands near the penis

   Sores on the glans

   Tight, shiny skin on the glans

   Inflammation, soreness, itchiness, or irritation of the glans

   A thick, lumpy discharge under the foreskin

   The tight foreskin that cannot be pulled back

   Painful urination

  Some of the symptoms of glans inflammation are an indication that you acquired Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). None of these things must be neglected. Seek treatment as early as possible.

Risk Factors of Glans Inflammation

  If ignored and left untreated, an inflamed glans may lead to a worse condition where treatment is much costly. Find out what can happen if glans inflammation is not treated.

  Scarring of the opening of the penis - The wounds caused by the inflammation may leave a mark on your penis and in some cases, it takes a long time for them to be healed. Thus, scars remain.

  Inadequate blood and other bodily fluids supply to the penis - The inflammation might also result in damaged cells or tissue. In a worse case, it may damage or affect any blood vein.

  Painful retraction of the foreskin - The pain due to the inflammation may result in a pain when the foreskin is moved.

Treatment for Glans Inflammation

  If there’s a cause, there must also be a treatment. Treatment for Glans Inflammation also varies depending on the underlying cause and among the causes given, you have to assess what are those that lead to inflammation. If you cannot identify one, you need to go to a doctor or a specialist to have a check-up. One illness can be linked to different causes and each cause has the specific treatment that you must take. Initially, you need to identify your practices that lead to an inflamed glans. The doctor or specialist that will check on your condition will also ask you questions to find out how the inflammation happened. If the case is more complicated, some medical examinations or procedures will be done. This includes using specific medical tools or equipment that is specialized for examining the glans.

  In most cases, the doctor or the specialist advises the patients on the things, practices, foods or drinks to avoid and to take or do; however, in many severe cases, a personal or face-to-face consultation is needed. It is highly advised to patients who have a sensitive medical condition like this to see a doctor and be examined. Another reason is that some patients feel shy about answering sensitive questions, but those are important. Do not let the inflammation get worse. The worse that it gets, the harder it is to be cured. Also, the consequence is a much expensive treatment because a specific medical procedure must be done. Remember to take care of your body parts that are sensitive and need good hygienic care, once that your glans suffer in severe damage or severe medical condition, the effects will be a lot painful and complicated. No one wants to have a disease so find treatment for it as soon as possible.

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Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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