Best Treatment for Cystitis

  Cystitis is inflammation of your bladder that is usually caused by a bacterial infection. It’s most likely to affect women, but men can get it too. When bacteria are the cause of cystitis, it is also called a bladder infection or acute bacterial cystitis.

Symptoms of Cystitis

  Some people don’t have any symptoms with a Cystitis which usually entails inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) and can also involve an infection of the lower or upper urinary tract, and in more serious cases the kidneys.

  The symptoms include:

   Cloudy urine with a strong odor

   Frequent urge to urinate

   A slow urine stream or urine leakage

   Pain in the central lower part of the abdomen

   Painful urination

   A sudden need to urinate

   Blood in urine

   Inability to start urinating

  Men with complicated Cystitis can also experience one or more of the following symptoms:





   Back pain

  These symptoms are signs that the disease has spread to the upper urinary tract or the kidneys. An infection that has spread here could be a more serious problem that needs prompt treatment.

Causes of Cystitis

  There are many possible causes of cystitis and most are infectious. The majority of these cases stem from ascending infection and the bacteria can enter from the external genitourinary structures.

  Causes include:

  Interstitial cystitis: it is sometimes called painful bladder syndrome, which refers to long-term inflammation of your bladder. Sometimes it's much more common in women, but can affect men, too.

  Foreign-body cystitis: using a catheter in your urethra for a long period can introduce infectious bacteria into your urethra or damage urethral tissue, this makes you more prone to infection.

  Chemical cystitis: exposure to certain chemicals in everyday products, such as heavily fragranced soaps or shampoos that can result in allergic reactions that cause inflammation.

  Drug-induced cystitis: your urinary system helps to flush out toxins and other unwanted substances, while the filtered remains of some medications as they leave your body can inflame your bladder.

  Radiation cystitis: radiation therapy in your pelvic region can also cause bladder inflammation.

Treatment for Cystitis

  Treatment for cystitis that develops as a complication of radiation or therapy focuses on pain management, normally with hydration, and some medications to flush out bladder irritants. If a patient has any concerns about any symptoms of Cystitis, bleeding during or after sex, or unusual discharge, it is a good idea to talk to our doctor. We have a lot of experts in Heng Kang, You don’t have to worry that they might not treat you. Our doctor knows how to serve what you deserve when it comes to treatment. We always want our numerous patients to make them better and to trust us. For many years, Heng Kang clinic is not only prestigious in the treatment but also is the address of medical examination and many people trust and choose and have very good feedback.

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Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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