About External Hemorrhoids

       External hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that affect veins outside the anus and these hemorrhoids can cause bleeding, cracking, and itching.

Some Information About External Hemorrhoids

  Each of hemorrhoids has a difference in property and difference of grade. If you left untreated, external hemorrhoids not only cause to harmful for health but also daily life activities are affected seriously. According to Experts at Heng Kang clinic, external hemorrhoids aren’t uncommon in both men and women of any age. Most of the patients know that they have external hemorrhoids when it’s visible, so patients may miss the opportunity to treat it quickly.

  The most common reason for external hemorrhoids is repeated straining while having defecation. Hemorrhoids develop once the veins of the rectum become dilated or enlarged and might be either internal or external. External hemorrhoids are typically found beneath the skin that surrounds the anus.

  You may notice bleeding and most painful when using the bathroom when contact with underwear or an external impact. Lumps around the anus may feel as if they are swollen, itchy, some common causes and risk factors include: having diarrhea or constipation, not having regular bowel movements, not eating enough fiber in your diet, sitting/standing for a long time.

  External hemorrhoids caused by rectal anus veins over-stretched. This results in the pooling of blood and enlargement of the vessels in that area. The outer surface of the external hemorrhoids is covered with a layer of skin, unable to recoil inside, easy to see and no bleeding.

Causes and Risk Factors of External Hemorrhoids

  Other causes and risk factors for external hemorrhoids include:

   Lifting heavy objects or weights

   A low-fiber diet


   Standing or sitting for long periods


   Ascites, which is a buildup of fluid that places extra pressure on the stomach and intestines

  External hemorrhoids are different from other hemorrhoid types, mostly due to their location. External hemorrhoids protrude out of the anus, they tend to cause more pain than internal hemorrhoids as a result of the outside of the rectum is more sensitive than the inside. People may have multiple hemorrhoid types at the same time.

Treatment for External Hemorrhoids

  External hemorrhoids can be treated in a few ways depending on severity. Our doctor will ask if you have any preference for certain types of medications or treatments. During the treatment, a person should rest and avoid doing anything that strains or puts pressure on the area. Hemorrhoids are a fairly common condition. Many people recover with proper treatment here in Heng Kang Diagnostics And Medical Clinic, In severe cases of external hemorrhoids, surgical methods may be important for treatment. People who have severe external hemorrhoids may only notice a reduction of symptoms as a result of these types of treatment.

  If you still confuse to look for a hemorrhoid treatment clinic, you can choose Heng Kang Diagnostics And Medical clinic, and this is one of the examinations and treatments of the medical place effects, especially in anus diseases. Staff experts in dozens of specialties work along to make sure quality care and successful recovery; therefore, you may feel peace in mind once you get the treatment here.

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Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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